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Attendance in Wellington College Belfast In Wellington College, we believe that attendance is crucial in raising standards in education. This means that every pupil can have full access to the school curriculum and reach their potential.


If your son/daughter is ill, then contact should be made with the school office. This can be done by telephone (028 90 642539) or sending a message via the School Gateway app. This allows the College to code the absence accordingly.

Illness in School

If your son/daughter is unwell during the school day then they should inform their class teacher who may send them to the office. If they are not well enough to continue in school then parents/guardians will be contacted to take them home. Please ensure that all emergency contacts are kept up to date. If any of your circumstances change then please do inform the office staff who will make the necessary amendments.

Leave of Absence

It is school policy that pupils should not normally be absent during term-time except in the case of illness or emergency. In exceptional circumstances of your son/daughter missing school, a request can be made to the Principal in writing stating the reason for wanting to take your son/daughter out of school.


Some appointments, such as medical and dental, should be made outside school hours as best as possible. If this is not possible then a letter or appointment card should be shown to the Form Tutor/Head of Year with the appointment details and a yellow slip will be signed. This slip must be handed into the office as your son/daughter leaves the College.


Pupils are expected to be in the College for 8.35am. Registration begins at 8.45am. Lateness is taken very seriously and your assistance would be greatly appreciated in ensuring that your son/daughter arrives to school on time. Any pupil that arrives after 8.45am will be asked to sign the late book clearly stating the reason for their lateness. Any recurring patterns will see the Head of Year speak to your son/daughter and contact will be made with home.

EWO Involvement

At Wellington College, we monitor attendance figures very closely. The Head of Year will make contact should there be patterns of absences. When a child's attendance figure continues to fall and goes below 85% then parents/guardians will be informed that a referral has been made to the EWO to help bring about improvement.