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Wellington+ Students 2018

Year 13 and Year 14 students are eligible for participation in Wellington+. This is a programme for accrediting learning and skills developed through Year 13 and up to February Half Term in Year 14. By engaging significantly in at least two leadership opportunities during and/or after students will have the potential to gain the Wellington+ Award. A similar model exists in many Higher Educational Institutions.

The rationale for Wellington+ is that employers are looking for employees who can demonstrate that they have the skills needed for workplace success. By becoming involved in Wellington+, students have the opportunity not only to gain such skills but to be able to articulate their experiences.

On successful completion of the Wellington+ application process in Year 14 students will receive a certificate which they can add to their list of achievements. Whilst this is important, the most beneficial aspect of Wellington+ is the process by which the students gain the award. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in a group activity to celebrate their success.

Students are encouraged to get involved in at least two activities during Year 13 and up to February Half Term in Year 14. One activity can take place outside school e.g. at a Youth Club, providing the experience can be validated by an appropriate person in the organisation. Alternatively, both activities can take place in school. (The school assumes no responsibility for students engaging in activities outside of school).

Possible leadership opportunities / activities include:

  • Form Captain
  • School Magazine and Newsletters
  • School Council
  • School Website
  • D.O.E
  • Musical Events
  • Sports Teams
  • Open Nights
  • Support Classes (During/After school)
  • Charity Events
  • Working with Technicians
  • Young Enterprise
  • Competitions
  • School Discos
  • Reading Partnership
  • House System
  • Youth Clubs
  • Head Girl / Boy or Prefect
  • Scouts
  • Boys' / Girls' Brigade
  • Guides