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Art & Design

Art & Design

Key Staff

  • Mrs Mc Corry-Nicholl (HoD)
  • Ms C Williams
  • Mrs G McGreevy
  • Miss N Neely (Technician)

The Art & Design Department at Wellington College provides opportunities for pupils to extend their knowledge and build on their skills and capabilities in Art & Design. Through the implementation of the revised N. Ireland Curriculum the Art & Design Department endeavours to promote a culture of and a thirst for Life Long Learning which facilitates and promotes transferable skills beyond the formal educational context.

All year 8, 9 & 10 follow a broad and balanced scheme of work over a three year period. The following is a breakdown of the units undertaken in the junior school. These units provide a solid foundation in Art & Design and provide the perfect platform for students who wish undertake further study at G.C.S.E and AS/A2 level. 

Year 8 disciplines

  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Painting

Year 9 Disciplines

  • Textiles
  • Printmaking
  • Drawing (Human Figure)

Year 10 disciplines

  • Relief/Construction
  • Drawing (still life)
  • Graphic Design

The G.C.S.E in Art & Design builds on and reflects the diverse range of experiences gained by students undertaking the N. Ireland Curriculum programme of Art & Design at key stage 3.

This course provides students with the opportunity to broaden their repertoire of skills and capabilities in Art & Design. Pupils undertaking the G.C.S.E in Art & Design have the freedom and flexibility to make a personal choice in relation to themes and media in which to work.  Students who undertake this course will select, edit, and present completed work for assessment and moderation.

There are opportunities within this Art & Design course which encourages and supports students working in 2D and 3D, fine art & design.  These include:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Textiles design
  • Digital Media
  • Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • Graphic Design
  • 3D design
  • Critical and contexual studies

*NB: Students should develop their work in more than one discipline, and they must submit work for assessment in more than one discipline.  They may use any combination of relevant disciplines to support their work.

Pupils undertaking the new G.C.S.E in Art & Design will have the opportunity to build on their appreciation of Art & Design. Making relevant connections to works of Art, Craft and Design from both contemporary and historical sources is a vital component of the course.

Pupils will be encouraged to visit museums and galleries to develop their critical thinking and to build on their analysis and evaluation of works of Art, Craft and Design. Liaising with local Arts bodies is also an integral aspect of the course and where possible guest speakers and practising Artists will be brought into the school to lead practical workshops in their particular area of expertise.

  Unit 1: The Core Portfolio Unit 2: Working to a Stimulus
Nature of Assessment

Controlled Assessment

Internally Assessed

Externally Moderated

Externally set examination

Internally assessed

Externally moderated

Unit Weighting 60%


Allocated Time

Minimum of 45 hours over four terms

Edited portfolio made up of no more than 20 A2 Sheets

Minimum of 15 hours spent producing preparatory work

Final outcome completed within a set period of 10 hours.

Total Raw Marks 80 80
Availability Summer only Summer only

Recommendations for entry

Whilst it is not compulsory, criteria may be applied if the course is over subscribed. Pupils achieving a ‘B' grade or above in the year 10 assessment will be given 1st priority. Pupils wishing to undertake the course in G.C.S.E Art & Design but do not meet the criteria are asked to seek the advice from their individual Art teacher and then the Head of Department.

AS and A2 Art & Design (For first teaching from September 2016)

Course Description

This course has been designed to give the student a broader and deeper understanding of Art, craft and design disciplines. This course has been revised and updated in light of the growing creative industries in N. Ireland and the UK.

These industries contribute significantly to the local economy and through undertaking the study of Art and Design it will prepare students who wish to progress in this area.

The following is an excerpt from CCEA about the new A’ Level Art;

The study of Art and design has an inherent capacity to develop key transferable skills and qualities which are highly sought after by employers. These include creativity, problem solving, resourcefulness, resilience, imagination, empathy, and innovation. Higher order thinking skills such as researching, analysing and reflecting are fundamental to this qualification. 

Key Features; The following is an important aspect of the new course:

This qualification is available as one of the following;

  • A general art and design qualification (Art, craft and design- combined studies)
  • A specialism in photography and lens-based media.
  • A specialism in three dimensional design.
  • A specialism in textiles.

Overview of Course Structure




AS 1:

Experimental Portfolio

Internally assessed by teachers, moderated by ccea.

Assessment objectives 1,2, and 3 only.

50% of AS

20% of A’level

AS 2:

Personal Response

Internally assessed by teachers, moderated by ccea.

Assessment objectives 4 heavily weighted than 1,2 and 3.

50% of AS

20% of A‘Level

A2 1:

Personal and Critical Investigation

Written investigation 1000-3000 wrds- externally assessed. 20% of A2

12% of A’Level.

Practical element internally assessed by teacher and moderated by ccea.

60% of A2

36% of A’Level

A2 2:

Thematic Outcome

Internally assessed by teachers, moderated by ccea. Assessment objective 4 more heavily weighted than assessment objectives 1,2 and 3.

40% of A2

24% of A’Level

Essential minimum criteria

Pupils must have achieved a grade A or above in G.C.S.E Art and Design.

Many workforces require creative and original thinkers, people who are able to adapt to different processes and workloads and people who can work independently and as a team. In Art and Design, pupils are encouraged to develop and explore new and exciting materials and techniques allowing them to enhance their thinking skills and personal capabilities that will benefit them beyond the classroom.

The study of Art and Design is useful for careers in areas such as:

  • Advertising
  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Community Artist
  • Film and Video
  • Fashion Design
  • Line Crafts
  • Illustration
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Make-up
  • Model-making
  • Photo-Journalism
  • Product Design
  • Restoration
  • Teaching
  • Theatre Design
  • Television/Media
  • Textile Design

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