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Astronomy Club

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club is the place to be for any pupils interested in finding out about new planets, building a telescope or joining a project to study storms on the Sun.

Meeting at lunchtime on Mondays, with sections for Juniors and Seniors, the Astronomy Club intends to be both informative and practical.  As well as encouraging pupils to find out about a topic, such as Cosmic rays, and then report back to the other members, we will be getting involved in projects such as GalaxyZoo on the Internet (to catalogue thousands of galaxies), and controlling the Faulkes Telescope, a full sized robotic telescope in the Canary Islands.  We will be bringing genuine Moon Rocks into school early in 2013, and inviting a speaker in from Queen’s University.

This club is all about doing what the members want to do, so come along with your ideas and projects at Monday lunchtime.