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Scripture Union


Every Thursday during senior lunch, a close group of around 30 students from Year 11-14 meet in the lecture theatre. During Thursday junior lunch students from Year 8 to 10 meet in Room 207.

We play music, pray together and listen to a teacher or guest speaker talking about the Bible.  Our time together is very informal - we often end up playing games like 'My Chair', 'Signs' or 'Charades'. There's never a dull moment! No one who comes to this group leaves without talking to someone and laughing until their sides split.

This year, we even had our first weekend away together in over six years. Spending a weekend in Ballymena Faith Mission centre with a group of teachers was the highlight of everyone's year - it even got a mention in the Head Girl's leaving speech!

If you are at all interested in meeting the loveliest and kindest group of young people, leave the canteen and grab one of those green chairs. You won't regret it!