On Wednesday 7th March 2012, eighteen Wellington College AS Level Politics pupils attended a Schools’ Politics Panel at Aquinas Grammar School on ‘The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland’ as part of the South Belfast Areas Learning Community.

The panel included several experts on Northern Irish politics, such as Ms Fionola Meredith, an experienced freelance writer and broadcaster; Mr Eamonn O’Maille, an experienced and regular contributor to Northern Ireland political and news programmes and Ms Martina Purdy, the BBCs Politics correspondent. The sixty minute session was chaired by Mr Fearghal McKinney, an experienced journalist who has now moved into politics.

The panel faced several questions on key aspects on Northern Ireland politics, including the success of the Stormont Executive the possible demise of the SDLP and the future of Northern Ireland (with this final question asked by Adam Harbinson, Year 13, WCB). It was an excellent session and all our pupils gained a strong insight into the world of Northern Ireland politics and will have helped out students and they prepare for their A- Level exams.