On Wednesday 3rd February 2016, Alethea Hamilton, Alice Goucher, Rory McAleenan and Conor Bell (all Year 8 pupils) went with History and Citizenship teacher, Mr Cooper, to the ‘Community in Dialogue’ conference at Forge Integrated Primary School.

The ‘Community in Dialogue’ was an amazing conference and was a great experience for the four of us. It talked about different children from all over the world that had attended Forge Integrated Primary School and past pupils who had gone on to secondary schools. It also talked about racism and abusive language that other children and adults received because of their religion or culture. It really made us stop and think about these key issues. During the day, the most touching story came from a from a Polish girl who told us how she felt when her classmates talked about going to their auntie’s or granny’s house after school when  all her close relatives are still far away in Poland. Also, Amy Wou from China found the traffic very different. In China, you could wait two hours to cross a road…and we think it’s bad crossing the Saintfield Road.

We got many different view-points from the ‘Community in Dialogue’ conference, such as, we are all unique and we should all be treated with respect whatever religion or culture you come from. The conference taught us not to judge others based on their religion, culture, appearance or personality. It is unfair and it needs to stop.

Report by Alethea Hamilton and Alice Goucher (both 8DC)