On Thursday the 8th of March, a group of fifteen Year 12 girls were invited to attend an International Women’s Day celebration in the Kingspan stadium, in order to promote and support women.  This event was such a beneficial opportunity as the experience extended from receiving free lunch to hearing speeches from Women’s Ireland rugby players.

Throughout the event, we tested the differences between males and females through the three key areas of communication: body language, words and tone of voice. Through these topics, we discussed in groups how each gender differs and how this affects our careers and relationships. Moreover, a few players of the Ulster women rugby team attended and we had the pleasure of sitting at a table with them to discuss these important issues.

Personally, I found this experience to be thoroughly beneficial and I enjoyed the open and free atmosphere to talk and debate about the ideas, plus, most importantly, to come away from the event feeling empowered and inspired.

Report By Molly Graham Y12