On 19th March, a group of Year 9 pupils had a talk on Internet safety by Orlaigh McKenna from an organisation called Nexus.

We were informed about many things we didn’t know regarding internet use and we talked about the dangers of the Internet in general and, more importantly, social networking sites such as Facebook, BBM, Twitter and Bebo. The topics we discussed were what we should share online, how we change our privacy settings on sites like Facebook to avoid strangers talking to us, how we can report online abuse and how we consider what images we send or put up online.

We realised that some pictures and status updates we put online were sometimes shown to many more people, not just our friends. That can all be changed with the privacy settings. Finding out about all of these dangers has helped us monitor and secure our information.

Overall, it was a very informative talk and we all have gained something valuable from it. We would recommend it to other schools as it is an area that concerns all of young people today and we are now more fully equipped to deal with safety on the internet.

By Z. Gregg, L. Lavery and F. Mushipe