As part of their on-going work on ‘Science- based Industries’, the Applied Science A Level students enjoyed an informative presentation from Sharon Doran (marketing manager of Norbrook Laboratories Ltd). Students were presented with an overview of Norbrook’s products and the processes involved in their manufacture. This included detailed information on the roles scientists play within research and development of both novel and generic drugs. Sharon also provided information on the legal and health constraints faced by a company such as Norbrook and the systems they set in place to conform to both Health and Safety and Licensing Laws.

Students will use this information to begin writing a report on Norbrook. A trip to Newry is planned for the 15th of October when students will have the opportunity to see 2 of Norbrook’s sites for themselves. It is an invaluable experience to see how science is applied in the real world and also to experience the diversity of science involvement in the workplace.