Congratulations to Jude Guiney in Year 14 whose poem was chosen to commemorate Wellington’s 25th Anniversary (2015). The poet and academic Tom Paulin is a former pupil of Annadale Grammar School. In his poem The Caravans on Luneburg Heath he makes reference to his old school; Jude used this as inspiration for her poem. In correspondence with Tom Paulin, he commented: “I was extremely moved to read this poem - it brought all sorts of memories back and it has a lovely, lithe and deft rhythm.” Tom Paulin (Poet and Academic)

Anniversary by Jude Guiney, Year 14

(After Tom Paulin)

Now I can get born again -
A child under the wings
Of the cockatrice,
Housing tarmac and astroturf.
It’s 9:10 a.m.
Some Monday in March -
A building by a dual carriageway
On a peacetime island.

Three-storey partitioned,
Braced by breezeblock
And plastic pillars.
This steadfast school
Is split in three sections.

A navy sea
Made of each pupil
With threads entwined

Link La Baie d'Audierne
to Murlough Bay
- provincial world history
Or the flowerbed of sportsmen.

Heaney, Lewis,
Peters, Ferguson:
They’re crimped on my brain tissue
Like compounds or caesuras.
Their building is the green triangle
That kitted me out first:
Team member, family member – una discamus.

Which signifies only
That this built-up training ground
Is more than enough space
For these unruly residents
And their hopes – fears – joys.

Seven autumns pass in moments…
A grey peninsula in a navy ocean
Refined, in readiness; braced for the future:
The end of one story;
The start of another.