On Monday 6th March 2017, Year 14 prefects were joined by the Royal Navy Youth Engagement Team for a practical leadership afternoon.  This consisted of the pupils being split into three groups and sent to different stations.

At the first station the group was set with a challenge of moving six square blocks that had been placed from largest at the bottom to the smallest on the top from one pole to another.  At first the groups thought that the task was easy but then learned that they could only move one block at a time; the larger boxes were not to be placed on top of the smaller boxes and they were only allowed fifteen minutes to complete the task.  The final completion times ranged from over eleven minutes to under six minutes which was the fastest that the team had ever seen it be done in.

At the second station the group were divided into two smaller teams and had to travel towards nine hoops and then throw a bib into them. If you threw in three in a row, you would win a point for your team.  The two groups were then asked questions which they had to answer correctly before they could run to the hoops, adding to the difficulty of the task.

The final station proved the most difficult for all of the teams.  The objective of this final task was to move from the starting palette to the final palette which was two palettes away.  The palettes represented islands.  The only way that the groups could move from one palette to another was by using two planks, neither of which was long enough to reach from one palette to another.  The planks were not allowed to touch the floor and if one person touched the floor while crossing the planks or by slipping from the palettes, the group had to begin the task again.  Adding to this the groups also had to carry a weight from palette to palette to represent their food supply.  When the groups did finally make it to their target palette they were greeted with the bad news that they would have to travel back to their original palette, but with a twist, no one in the group was allowed to speak which proved difficult for all of the groups.

All pupils involved thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and we thank the Royal Navy Youth Engagement Team for coming to the college and taking an enjoyable afternoon.