On the 4th of March a group of Year 12, 13 and 14 students accompanied by Ms Cochrane, Mrs Turley and Ms Jennings went to see a stage adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald’s 1920s novel The Great Gatsby. The play was brilliantly performed by the multi-talented students of Youth Lyric. The music evoked the atmosphere of the jazz age and, along with the period costumes, brought the audience straight back to the 1920s. The staging kept true to the original novel with the eyes of DR TJ Eckleburg looming over the events on stage, added to by the gold and black gates of Gatsby’s house made famous by the film adaption of the novel. There were stand out performances amongst the cast making it feel like a professional production. Overall , it really enhanced our understanding of our AS text and it was a very enjoyable evening!

Shane Crowley, Year 13.