In March 2018 5 year 12 pupils won the Shake, Rattle and Roll competition with Resonate Testing limited. The pupils were asked to design a seat for an astronaut with specific design requirements (size, weight and strength). The seat was connected to a testing table and withstood over 70 G Force. The team were awarded a trip to visit Harwell Space Campus in Oxfordshire.

On Wednesday 19th September 5 year 12 pupils travelled with Miss McCormack and Mr Roberts to Harwell Space Campus to visit Catapult and RAL space.

Pupils were shown demonstrations on the uses of Satellite technology such as using data and images to track illegal fishing and illegal mining.

They had the opportunity to build a Cube satellite and had a tour around RAL laboratories, cleaning and testing rooms.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day and it has given them an insight into career options in the space industry with a lot of the pupils working towards a career in engineering and computer science.

Thank you to Resonate Testing for the experience.