On Thursday 20th October, Year 10 and 11 pupils, along with Mr McFarland and Miss Lovell, attended a Get Safe Public Event.  The event was to promote online safety and had representatives from various organisations, including the PSNI and Cyber Security Companies.

The event started by the pupils receiving a talk by an ex-Welsh Police Detective who told us how to stay safe online.  Following the talk, we were able to visit stalls for further information about online safety.  At the event, pupils had the opportunity to get their electronic devices checked to see if there were any bugs.  Many of the pupils found that there were no bugs and were informed about what to do to prevent people hacking into emails. 

During the event, many of the pupils were interviewed by the media about the event and their views about the internet and how safe it is.  It was an enjoyable and informative day and thanks must go to Mr McFarland and Miss Lovell for organising the trip (and the little treat at Starbucks).

Report by: Ellie Hammerton