On Wednesday 28th February 2018, Year 13 attended the UCAS convention at the Eikon Centre, Lisburn. This busy and informative day gave us the opportunity to interact with a range of representative from over 150 universities from across the UK and Ireland. Furthermore, the UCAS team also provided a range of interesting seminars to prepare us for our university application process. We were able to increase our knowledge of particular courses or universities that we are interested in which will prove beneficial throughout our decision process over the next year.

The event gave students the opportunity to enquire about other pathways including apprenticeships and vocational positions. Another aspect of the day which individuals found useful was the opportunity to discuss university life with students who are currently studying both at home and abroad. This provided us with a more realistic and predominantly positive reflection of life as a university student and gave many individuals some much needed reassurance about the university experience as a whole.

Some pupils within Year 13 are examining the prospect of studying abroad and we were able to learn about particular study areas. Despite a few sore backs caused by all the prospectuses we obtained, the day was extremely successful and has given individuals throughout the year group a more comprehensive and precise idea about our future plans regarding both university choices and potential courses. 

Report by Bailey Camack (Year 13)