On Thursday 21st November 2013, the fourteen members of the Year 13 Politics Class went down to Parliament Buildings, Stormont to engage in a ‘Let’s Talk’ forum, organised by the Assembly education service. The day was divided into two sessions, with the morning event being a ‘Question and Answer’ conference, whereby the pupils asked MLAs questions about Northern Ireland politics. The DUP, SDLP, NI21, Sinn Fein and the Alliance party were represented. The first question was from a Wellington College pupil, Chloe Graham, who asked about why she should actually join any of the parties represented on the panel. Further questions followed and the session provoked some interesting debate.

The afternoon session saw the pupils divided up in to smaller groups and party representatives from all the Northern Ireland parties visited each table to discuss the key areas of interest that the pupils brought up. It was a well-organised and informative day and the Year 13 AS students learnt a lot to help them with the up-coming module on ‘The Politics of Northern Ireland’.