In February, the Year 14 history class, along with Mr Scott, and Inst history pupils and staff, travelled to Dublin for a day’s exploration of the key sites involved in the 1916 Easter Rising. Our guide for the day was Mr Clive Scoular, whose colourful outfit ensured that we could always find him in the crowded streets of Dublin

Our first stop was the site of Liberty Hall and from there we proceeded to the General Post Office, where we had the chance to have a look around inside, and try to think how we would have chosen to defend the building.  After this we had a tour round a few of the most important sites of the Easter Rising, including The Four Courts, The South Dublin Union, St Stephen’s Green, and the College of Surgeons.  For the first time we were able to see inside the College of Surgeons where we were given an informative tour of the building.

After lunch we returned to the bus and drove to Boland’s Mill, the building occupied by Eamon de Valera, before heading to Kilmainham Gaol.  We had an excellent tour around the building, and were able to see the cells inhabited by de Valera and Countess Markievicz, the altar at which Joseph Plunkett was married, and the site of the subsequent executions of the Rebellion’s leaders.