On Tuesday the 16th of April the Year 14 A-level Geography class went out on their final fieldtrip. This was to carry out a study on tourism and its management, in the Mournes and Newcastle. We did this firstly by undertaking an observational study of the tourist facilities during a walk along the Trassey trail. The Mournes that day looked more like the Alps and we trudged through the snow on our way up. We recorded features that would aid visitors to the area; including sign posts, stiles, paths, car parks and picnic sites. We took a note of what exactly the feature was and where it was located and whether it could be regarded as having a positive or negative effect in the area.

 Despite the various mishaps and distractions that occurred along our route (like when Kyle’s folder of sheets blew away or when Rebecca fell into the river, again) we eventually made it to Meelmore Lodge. Here we had lunch before boarding the bus which took us down into the centre of Newcastle.

The next stage of our tourism study was to complete questionnaires, which were aimed at tourists visiting the area. Our geography class is a sociable group and so we had no problem getting our questionnaires filled out! We even had time left over for a walk on the beach and a trip to Maud’s Cafe for ice cream and crepes! We had a little time left before we had to be back at the bus so we went to the amusements, where most of the boys had a go on the dodgems and I made a personal achievement of beating Dale in a car race! (He wasn’t best pleased!)

By M. Devaney Year 14