Talks - Money Management

The final talk of the Year 14 Talks Programme for 2014 / 2015 saw the Santander Team come in to talk with our senior pupils about managing a budget as a young adult. The discussion covered a range of areas including student budgets and maximising your income. The Santander speakers were impressed by the financial knowledge and insight of our pupils and hopefully our pupils will be remain fiscally aware in the years ahead.

Talk - Simon Community

On Friday 20th March 2015, Mr Damien Magee from the Simon Community charity came in to Wellington College to speak with our Year 14s about homelessness. In an informative presentation he considered the stereotypes of homelessness and discussed the numbers of people in Northern Ireland who are homeless. The pupils were able engage with Damien and ask questions on this issue.

Talk - Relationships

On Friday 6th March 2015, Year 14 received a talk from Doctor Olive Buckley, a representative from the Rowan Centre. This is a one stop centre that delivers a comprehensive and co-ordinated interagency response to all victims of sexual abuse. The talk received very good reports from fellow students, who noted the talk was educational and we left in doubt of how to protect ourselves and others from an assault or dangerous situation.

Chloe Graham (Year 14)

Talk - Student Finance

On Friday 13th February 2015, Ms Bernie McKerr, a representative from Student Finance Northern Ireland came to Wellington College to deliver a presentation to the Year 14 pupils about student finance within higher education. Ms McKerr spoke of the different types of financial support students can receive at university including student loans and maintenance loans. She also explained about the different stages of applying for student finances and the eligibility criteria for applying. The talk was very insightful and gave the Year 14 a great understanding of student finance and will hopefully help them be successful when applying in the future.

Talk - Christian Aid

On Friday 30th January 2015, former WCB pupil, Mrs Sarah Leeman (nee Wilson) came into the College on behalf of Christian Aid to deliver a talk on her experiences working for the charity in both Northern Ireland and in Bolivia. Sarah spoke of the role that Christian Aid has in working to eradicate poverty and bringing about social justice. Christian Aid works in a total of 45 countries across the world and Sarah visited Bolivia as part of this programme. She visited two areas: La Paz and Rurrenabaque, which is in the Amazon Basin. Key areas of concern include theMega Damsbeing built by Brazil, which change the natural flow of the Amazonian rivers. It was a very informative talk and hopefully will inspire our senior pupils to consider volunteer work in the future.

Talk - Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service

On the morning of 26th September 2014, Year 14 pupils received a talk from Emma Sloan of the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service as part of the Year 14 Talks programme. It was a very informative talk in which Miss Sloan outlined the key ideas about blood donation, from the actual donation procedure to some information on what donated blood can used for. She began with a look into blood groups and informed us of the different groups of people who may require blood transfusions. This included those in serious accidents, sufferers of leukaemia, lymphoma, anaemia, liver disease, and malaria, as well as those people going through chemotherapy. She noted that less than 6% of people in Northern Ireland, who are eligible to give blood, regularly give blood. It was a staggering statistic and certainly left an impression upon Year 14.

Miss Sloan then went on to talk about the importance of blood donation and how serious the blood shortage is, and in doing so, she addressed a common misconception which she described as “there’s no point in giving blood as it’ll just sit in a store somewhere and never be used”. She went on to outline just how misinformed this statement is and although red blood cells can last for up to 42 days before perishing, Northern Ireland’s blood stores only usually last 3-4 days before they run out of  blood. This means that transfusions occur so regularly that every 3-4 days the Blood Transfusion Service have to go out and collect more blood donations just to keep up with the demand. Miss Sloan made it clear to all of Year 14 that if you give blood today, regardless of your blood type, the likelihood is you will save someone’s life within 3 days. This was a key point in Miss Sloan’s talk that really highlighted just how useful blood donation could be to a patient in Northern Ireland.

The talk concluded with Kenneth Millar thanking Miss Sloan for the talk and some very informative questions from both staff and pupils. Miss Sloan provided Year 14 with essential information about blood transfusions as well as dispelling many misconceptions about the donation process.

Iain Duffin (Year 14)