The 26th September was the Young Enterprise day for Year 8 pupils at Wellington College.

This day was entitled “Your School, Your Business”.  It was designed to allow us to meet new people, explore the school, get to know our school business team, plan for the future and much more.

During the day we learnt about what it takes to think of ideas for a business and furthermore what it takes to promote these ideas and to make them a reality.

After listening to talks from the Young Enterprise team, we were set tasks that enabled us to talk to new people.  In one of these tasks we had to go around the Assembly Hall finding out information from our peers, for example, the name of the person you were speaking to, if they had ever met a celebrity and if they had who this was. In another task we learnt about the different jobs in the school, who does them and what those jobs actually involve.  We learnt some new names we maybe hadn’t heard of before such as Mrs Collins who is the Personal Assistant to Mr. Pitts and Mr Thompson the school’s caretaker, who if you have seen the school will know does a good job.

We learnt a number of new skills, from being able to talk in front of a crowd, to being able to talk to new people and how to work in a group.  All these skills did come in useful because at the end of the event we had to, as a group, think of a company name for a fruit and vegetable business, and what that company could do to make people eat more fruit and vegetables and less junk food.  We also had to make a logo and a slogan and present it in front of the rest of the groups.

Overall it was a great day and we all learnt some new and useful skills.  Our thanks go to the Young Enterprise team for the delivery of the programme.

By A. McAleenan (Yr 8)