On Monday 25th February all Year 9 pupils took part in a Careers event organised by Miss McCormack.

The event focused on work related skills development and pathways to careers as well as employment opportunities with the aim that all pupils in year 9 met with a professional working in the career area they are interested in

During the first session pupils took part in group work activities to build up communication skills, using their voices and how to communicate well. Pupils then moved on to discussing team work and created posters on 6 steps to success in group work. The final activity in session 1 put pupils’ group work skills in to practice in the Tower challenge. The challenge consisted of building the tallest tower to support a golf ball using card, paper, straws, Sellotape and paper clips.

During the second session groups of pupils interviewed a professional in the career pathway they are interested in. The session involved pupils asking a number of questions to find out the professional’s career journey, what a day in the life of their job looks like, what skills and qualifications are required in their job as well as understanding the state of the industry and what they find most enjoyable about their job. It was great to see the pupils’ engaged in meaningful conversations about their potential future.

The final session was extremely busy as pupils were required to create a story board explaining everything they learnt during session 1 and 2 to explain a day in the life of their chosen career. Pupils were provided with a presentation board, paper and pens and created some excellent, informative and colourful displays. One pupil from each group gave a 60 second presentation in front of the year group, explaining their career area.

Pupils found the day really enjoyable, one said “It was really fun learning about our job from a professional” another said “I enjoyed meeting the professional and making the storyboard” as well as “I enjoyed that everyone has something to do and it was mostly group work, not just writing and that you had a professional to talk to about your career”.

A massive thank you goes out to all the professionals that took part in the event, their time and knowledge has been really valuable and we hope to see them back in the college again soon.