The Geography fieldtrip took place on Monday 17th September, 2012. Both the year 12 classes set off for Newtownards. The aim of our study was “To investigate the sphere of influence of Newtownards”

To collect the data we needed to carry out a landuse mapping task, a pedestrian count and a questionnaire. Miss Calvert’s class mapped the western side of the town centre and Mrs Stewart’s class mapped the east. To record the numbers of pedestrians we counted the people who passed us in 5 minutes, at a number of sites in the town.

We then set out to interview the local population and find out some matters such as; why they had come into Newtownards, how far they had travelled and what form of transport they had used.

With our questionnaires finished we set about having lunch at McDonalds at Ards shopping centre. After clearing our trays and tidy up we carried out a few questionnaires here too. Then it was time for us all to take the short drive down the coast to visit Greyabbey. We all walked along the Main Street and observed and discussed the contrasts ie. very few people and a very small number of shops or services.

After a quick class photo, and for some, a chat with the local green grocer we were soon on our way back to WCB.

We all enjoyed the fieldtrip, and now are working on our Controlled assessment task.

By Paul Edmonds, Year 12WS

Photos of the fieldtrip can be viewed in the gallery