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Glasgow 2009


This year the junior Hockey and Year 8 Rugby team went on a sports tour to Glasgow. After a long and tiring journey on the HSS and the coach we finally got to Jordan Hill School in Glasgow.

The first hockey match against Jordan Hill started with Adam Harbinson scoring a well made goal that raised the confidence of the team. This was closely followed by a goal from Neil Montgomery to make the score line 2-0. After half time break we were confident that we could win. In the second half Paul Smyth scored an amazing goal that made sure of victory. Jordan hill came back with a goal of their own, but with not long to go Adam Harbinson chipped the keeper to make the final score 4-1.

The rugby team came up against a high quality Year 8 team who were significantly bigger and more physical, partly due to Scottish schools being a half a year older than schools in N.Ireland. The boys played hard and kept spirits up despite losing the game.

Later that night we went to the Glasgow vs. Munster rugby game at Fir Hill Park which was part of the Celtic League. It was an entertaining game with Munster running out winners.

The next day we were all looking forward to our second matches. The fixture was a Lomond College which was 30mins outside of Glasgow. The junior boys hockey team played a girls U-14 team and were unlucky to go down by three goals to one with Paul Smyth getting the Wellington Goal. The year 8 rugby team had a closer game with Nathan Wafflart getting on the scoreboard with a well worked try but they lost again to a slightly older Scottish side.

After having a wonderful day with slightly disappointing results we went shopping and ten pin bowling at the Xscape centre in Glasgow which was great fun.

After thanking the teachers and having a wonderful weekend we found ourselves on the bus home and in no time were back in Belfast.

Adam Harbinson