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Year 8 (Previous Years) Student Testimonials

Hi, I’m Libby. I am a past pupil of Orangefield primary school.

I have really enjoyed my time at Wellington. Although Year 8 did end sooner than planned. Like starting anything new you can be a bit nervous but our Year 8 team building day at Crawfordsburn was good fun and helped ease some of the nerves. I joined the after school hockey club and got on the team. Learning new subjects has been a good experience. I especially like learning languages and IT. Each form gets a Form and Vice Captain and a School Council rep, I was picked to be Vice Captain of my form class. At Christmas I achieved half honours which means I wear a different tie. I achieved this for my football outside of school.

Goals for the future - I have set a few goals for myself for the year ahead. I would like to get picked for the Year 9 hockey team and start some new activities netball and cross country, and if possible earn my full honours.

My advice for any new Year 8 pupils would be to have fun and get involved in as much as you can. There are a lot of activities and clubs to enjoy and new friends to meet.

Hello, my name is Daniel, I'm a past pupil of Cairnshill Primary School.

I first got the idea to go to Wellington from my brother who went here. I went to the open night and really enjoyed looking about the school. It is a big school but when you get used to everything you know it like the back of your hand. One of my favourite subjects is science because you get to do experiments and learn about different chemicals and what they do. When we went to Crawfordsburn it was a great opportunity to have good fun which I did and make new friends.

Some of the extra curricular activities I am involved in are rugby and chess. I enjoy rugby because I get to tackle and run with the ball. One of my greatest achievements was getting an A in my science test because it was a complicated test. My highlight of the year was in rugby when I tackled a very tall person and we won the ball and proceeded to score a try. I found it easy to make friends because a lot of people from Cairnshill came to Wellington.

Some advice would be do not be scared to ask for help. If you were to get lost and asked a student, they would help you or a teacher.

Hi, my name is Ellen, and I attended Donegall Road Primary School in Belfast.

I was very excited to see Wellington. The induction days were great, because it gave me a chance to make more friends, and when you are having fun it’s a lot easier. Some of my favourite subjects include science, technology and Home Economics, because the practical side is an easier way to learn and understand through doing. Every tutor group presented an assembly in front of the other year 8’s. It was very enjoyable as we all had different subjects to talk about that were important to us.

I was elected for school council by my fellow pupils and teachers and let me tell you it is so much fun! I even met one of my current best friends in school council. We talk about issues and areas that the pupils want to change in the college. I participated in the carol service at Christmas, I read the first lesson, which was a success apart from me nearly falling into the Christmas tree on the way off the stage!

Overall, year 8 was a great year, thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy your first year at Wellington too!

Hello, I'm Aimee, I'm a past pupil of Orangefield Primary.

The move to a new school, a new surrounding, and a bigger building is very scary. I came to Wellington from a particularly small school, Orangefield, and found the transition to my new school very challenging, but after meeting my new classmates and teachers I very quickly got the hang of things with their help and support.

Our year 8 trip to Crawfordsburn definitely helped me make new friends and taught us how to respect, trust and care for each other. I’ve enjoyed all my subjects this year but I’ve especially loved languages because we can learn and still have fun at the same time. My most challenging part of this year was speaking in front of a large group of people, but after reading in our year 8 assembly, reading in a house assembly and presenting in many subjects I have gained a lot of confidence. I have been involved in some sports such as hockey and netball, doing these sports gave me the sense of community and helped me make stronger friendships.

The highlight of my year was going to hockey matches with my friends and just forgetting about everything and having fun. If I were to give any advice to the new year 8s it would be to not think about how scared you are, but to think about how you can help other people who may be feeling worried. Try to be nice to everyone. Soon it will feel completely normal, like primary school was.