Step Up – Young Enterprise NI

Young Enterprise NI Step Up presenter with some year 8 students

Year 8 students had the opportunity to develop skills and positive attitudes by participating in Young Enterprise NI Step Up. Year 13 students were great mentors!

Year 14 Talks Programme – Alcohol Awareness

WCB students with Andy from YMCA Drug & Alcohol Education Department

The Year 14 Talks programme continued on Friday 16th September 2022 with a presentation by Mr Andy Hill of the YMCA Drug & Alcohol Education Department. Andy spoke about the effects and consequences of alcohol use and the physical, emotional and life-style dangers of drinking. The talk was informative and provided a clear focus for […]

The Code Show NI visits Wellington College

Code Show NI launch at Wellington College

The Code Show NI is a pilot programme, using 1980’s 8 bit technology to enthuse KS3 to choose IT pathways at GCSE and as a career. The primary target audience of this event is KS3 pupils, primarily girls. The premise is to spark an interest and encourage pupils to choose IT as a subject and […]

Year 9 Employability visit to KROW

Year 9 Visit KROW Branding

The winning groups of the Year 9 Employability competition enjoyed a trip to Krow Branding, Belfast. The students were excellent- they worked very well in class and during their own time to create high-quality presentations. The content and delivery of their presentations were superb. The students were invited to the company’s boardroom to pitch their […]

WCB Oxbridge Club

Members of WCB Oxbridge Club at their inaugural meeting

The WCB Oxbridge Club had their inaugural meeting on Friday 11th March. The guest speaker was James Warner-Davies, the school liaison officer of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The WCB Oxbridge Club has been established to allow our most academic students to explore critical thinking, debating and current affairs. The WCB Oxbridge Club encourages students from Years 8 to […]

Year 13 Geography Field Trip 2022

WCB Geography Field Trip 2022

Year 13 travelled to Magilligan Field Centre to undertake river and sand dune fieldwork. All the pupils worked hard in difficult weather conditions to collect accurate geographical data. We even found time for a snowball fight at one of the river sites! It was a great trip as always with expert knowledge from Michael and […]

Mole Day

The 23rd of October is Mole day – Mole Day commemorates Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 1023), which is a basic unit of measurement in Chemistry. We celebrated Mole Day by having a baking competition between the A level Chemistry classes. There were lots of amazing entries, most of whom decided to take the ‘mole’ theme […]

Young Enterprise Step Up Programme

Congratulations to class 8JH pictured here with their certificates on completion of the Young Enterprise Northern Ireland ‘Step Up’ Programme. The Step Up programme provides an opportunity for students to develop skills and positive attitudes as they have made the leap this year from primary to post-primary education.  Students developed enterprising skills by goal setting, […]

Year 14 Business Studies and Economics students attend virtual talk

Year 14 Business Studies and Economics students accepted an invite from Royal School, Dungannon to attend a virtual talk by Jonathan Haskel, External Member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England.  The talk focused on the role of the Monetary Policy Committee in relation to Financial Stability and Monetary Policy.  Thank you to Ms Straghan […]

WCB Head Girl off to Canada for University study

Wellington College Belfast is delighted to announce that our Head Girl, Molly has received – and accepted – an offer from the University of Toronto. The offer comes alongside the ‘Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship program’ which provides very generous academic and financial support for Molly for the full duration of her degree. This is […]