Wellington is justifiably proud of its reputation as a caring school – it is a place in which pupils can expect to be challenged and stretched, academically and personally, but it is also a place where they will be supported and helped with difficulties. This is where pastoral care and the positive approach to discipline are important.

  1. To support the learning and development of every pupil in the College.
  2. To provide an appropriate pastoral curriculum.
  3. To create and maintain an environment conducive to learning which engenders respect for others.
  4. To promote self-esteem, and develop communication skills and interpersonal skills.
  5. To develop and encourage pupils’ social skills by participation in College activities.
  6. To promote team spirit, pride in oneself and the College.
  7. To develop the necessary skills to make informed decisions.
  8. To prepare each pupil for third level education and the world of work.
  9. To respond to difficulties experienced by pupils.
  10. To monitor and regulate attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress of each pupil.
  11. To encourage partnership with parents.
  12. To seek support from outside agencies where appropriate.

Every year group is divided into forms, each the responsibility of a Form Tutor.  Through daily contact and a carefully planned tutorial programme, the Form Tutor gains a depth of personal knowledge of the pupils in the Form and is concerned with their general welfare.  The Year Head, in charge of the pastoral care of a year group, co-ordinates the work of the Form Tutors, helping them maintain high standards of behaviour and appearance among the pupils.  The Year Head works in conjunction with Senior Management to ensure the most appropriate support.