Christopher Stalford MLA at Wellington College

Christopher Stalford MLA

21 Feb

Wellington College Belfast 1994-2001
The College wishes to convey our deep sadness and sympathy on the death of our former pupil and friend, Christopher Stalford MLA.

Those who taught Christopher recall with fondness his sharp intellect, great sense of humour and willingness to engage in lively debate. We have followed his academic career and public life with interest and great pride. Christopher held public office without arrogance, retaining a strong sense of social justice and never losing the common touch, or the ability to see the humour and irony in our political landscape.

Christopher always championed the socially disadvantaged and on visits to the College spoke with passion about the power of education to open doors, broaden horizons, and actively encouraged young people to make a positive mark on society.

The sympathies of the College community are extended to Christopher’s family, many of whom share his links to Wellington, we will hold them in our thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.