A-level subjects studied and why you chose those subjects:

English – Chosen because it was always my favourite subject and what I was best at!

Media Studies – It was a relatively new subject at the time but it always interested me and we had a great teacher (Mr.King). Also, I was considering a media related career.

History – I didn’t do History for GCSE but chose to do it at A-Level because it was something I had always been interested in, and I wanted to learn about it at a more in depth level.

What University you attended and the reason why you chose that university:

I attended the University of Ulster at Coleraine because my Mum went there and had recommended it. They also ran the course I wanted (English and International Development), although I did not complete the course and left after a few months.

Job/Jobs since graduation:

I never graduated, but since recovering from almost a decade of mental illness I have worked as a Servicing Consultant at Halifax Bank, and I’m now a writer/author/reporter for Excalibur Press. I recently became Contributor’s Editor and part owner of their online magazine (bamni.co.uk) and will also be writing freelance next year. 

Abby Williams