A-level subjects studied and why you chose those subjects:

I studied Art and Design, Design and Technology and Mathematics at A-level. The main reason I chose these subjects was because I enjoyed them the most in comparison with other subjects. I wanted to work in an industry in which I was passionate about.

Throughout my time at Wellington College I was really interested in design; however I also enjoyed the problem solving nature of Mathematics. This led me to a career in engineering as I can be creative whilst also solving problems on a daily basis.

What University you attended and the reason why you chose that university:

I studied at Queen’s University Belfast (Masters of Civil Engineering, Sandwich course with a year in industry). I looked into numerous universities, however I chose Queen’s as they were highly respected in the Civil Engineering field and I could be close to my family.

Job/Jobs since graduation:

Following my graduation in 2010 I worked for a civil engineering Contractor as a Bid Manager. In this role I was responsible to winning work for the company exposing me to the construction side of engineering. This role gave me excellent knowledge of the commercial side of engineering and in 2011 I gained a position with the consultancy AECOM as a graduate civil engineer.

Since joining AECOM I have been involved in many civil engineering projects, both locally and internationally as a designer. I am now a Principal Engineer leading my own team of engineers and primarily work in the project management field; essentially managing a construction project from inception and client brief to completion on site.

Azaria Bleakley (née Watson)