A-level subjects studied and why you chose those subjects:

At A-Level I chose Maths, Further Maths, Computing and Physics. I was always pretty good at Maths, so that made selection easy, plus I had already been running a business in web development since I was 14, so the interest in Computing was already there.

What University you attended and the reason why you chose that university:

After Wellington, the natural fit for me at university was a Maths degree, so I decided on Maths and Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast.

Job/Jobs since graduation:

I founded glistrr in 2012 during my degree and was meant to continue study on an MSci pathway, however as glistrr required more of my time, I chose to graduate with a BSc Maths and Computer Science from Queen’s University in 2014. Since then, I’ve been working with my team at glistrr on the cutting edge of event technology, stealing customers from multinationals like Ticketmaster and Eventbrite. We have customers across the globe, as far as the US and Australia, all managed from a wee office on the Lisburn Road.

Matthew Large