A-level subjects studied and why you chose those subjects:

I studied Geography, French and Spanish at A-Level. I chose these particular subjects as they were of interest to me, and I excelled at theme the most during my GCSE’s. I have used my French and Spanish skills sparingly after leaving WCB, and it has proved helpful in some situations with my job. 

What University you attended and the reason why you chose that university:

When I finished 6th form at WCB I chose to defer my entry to QUB to study french and spanish, on the basis that I wanted to get out into the “real world” after my education for a few years and earn a salary of my own. It’s a decision I have not regretted as I have had a wealth of experience in my employment. However, when I was faced with the prospect of redundancy, I was forced to weigh up my options and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to study part-time along side my job. I am now studying with the Open University, working towards gaining a degree in social science and geography. 

Job/Jobs since graduation:

I was accepted as a junior cabin crew member for an airline called Flybe in June of 2007, based out of George Best Belfast City Airport. It was a relatively small and unknown airline when I joined, and for the past 10 years I have watched it grow and develop into a thriving place to work. There have been times of uncertainty for me as I faced redundancy as a result of the economic downturn, however I have managed to continue on and I have now been senior cabin crew for 3 years . 

Paula Mitchell