A-level subjects studied and why you chose those subjects:

Time has flown since I left Wellington College in 2008, but the great memories and good friends remain! Throughout school, my favourite subjects were Art & Design and History. By the time GCSE results day came around, I had decided that I wanted to become an architect. I fancied the idea of working in a trendy studio designing beautiful country homes!

For my A-Levels, I chose to study Maths, Art and History, thinking these would equip me well for my career. However, I wasn’t sure what to select as my fourth A-Level subject. At the last minute, my careers advisor suggested that I study Business Studies, and with no better ideas springing to mind, I went for it!

What University you attended and the reason why you chose that university:

As I progressed through Year 13, I soon realised that I enjoyed business more than architecture. Particularly, I was fascinated by the Marketing module, and loved the fusion of creative and strategic thinking that is so vital in any marketing plan. My career ambitions immediately changed and I applied for a place in the recommended BSc (Hons) Communication, Advertising and Marketing course at University of Ulster. By summer 2008, I had completed my A-levels, achieved the required grades, and was offered a place on the course.

CAM (as the course is known by) provided me with a wide range of creative and business experiences. I studied effective communication, best practice marketing, developed videography and copy writing skills, and even worked in partnership with art college students on live advertising projects. My placement year in Lisburn City Council’s Economic Development Unit presented me with many stimulating challenges, including the responsibility to manage and develop the Lisburn Entrepreneurs Network.

Job/Jobs since graduation:

In 2012, I graduated with First Class Honours, and was offered a marketing position in Belfast within BT’s Graduate Programme. Through the programme, I completed a Professional Diploma in Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. My role changed and developed throughout my time at BT, and after three years, I was responsible for the development and delivery of BT’s Superfast Northern Ireland marketing strategy. One of the most interesting highlights from my time at BT was managing a marketing campaign featuring ‘Frostbit Boy’!

Last year, I took a deep breathe and decided to leave BT to concentrate on two things that I am passionate about – developing young people and delivering creative projects. In September 2015, I took up an exciting new operations management role at a local youth development organisation called Dreamscheme.

At the same time, I launched Storyboard, a communications agency focused on delivering purposeful creativity. Since then, I’ve learnt a lot, faced many a challenge, but also have enjoyed the satisfaction of doing what I love.

And that’s my story so far!

Stephen Mullan