House System

We have established four Houses:





All pupils have been allocated to a House and wear a badge of that House colour. New pupils to the College will be assigned to a House upon arrival.

Each member of staff, including technical, office staff and support staff have also been allocated to a House.

The aims of the House System are:

  • To encourage and develop team  spirit and House identity
  • To provide a system of rewards for pupils that sits outside the Code of Behaviour
  • To encourage pupils to become more involved in extra curricular activities
  • To give pupils the opportunities to develop leadership and team building skills in the organisation of House activities or competitions
  • To give pupils the opportunity to meet with others from their House from different Year groups

The Houses are each led by two House Captains who are part of the Senior Prefect team. They are responsible for maintaining the House noticeboard, for conducting the House assemblies and for organising and overseeing House activities/events.

Each House is supported by two members of staff – a House Master and House Mistress – to assist the House Captains in the smooth running of the House, to assist with administration and to act as a link between pupils and staff in each House.

House assemblies will be held on a monthly basis.

Pupils can earn individual points for their House for a range of successes including academic, sporting, drama, musical, representation at other extra curricular events, maintaining merits and attendance in addition to earning team  points for their House through inter-House competitions.