School Council

The School Council is a representative group of pupils elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues with senior management and governors of the school.

Aims of the Council:

  1. To promote, support and enhance the student voice in the College
  2. To have a positive impact on the whole school environment
  3. To learn new life skills of communication and listening, decision making, peer leadership, problem solving and working as a team

Structure of the Council:

The School Council is made up of 32 members:

Year 8-14: 4 members per Year group one per tutor group elected by their peers

The Head Boy and Head Girl and one Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl are ex officio members and hold the senior posts on Council of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer

General Information:

The School Council members were elected in early September allowing for a Training Day to take place so that new members could learn about the purpose of the Council and understand their roles and responsibilities.

The School Council meets once a month on a pre-set date and time. Discussions at Council are fed back to the rest of the college through the School Council noticeboard. The senior council members also feedback the work of the Council to SMT and the Board of Governors.