We aim to engage our students in Science both in and outside the classroom. Through exploring scientific concepts with enquiring minds, the students not only further their knowledge and understanding but get involved in competitions, trips, events and explore opportunities which lead to lifelong learning and open doors to science careers.

Science Enrichment opportunities:

The Department promotes a range of enrichment activities.

  • KS3 Science Club
  • Mole day competition
  • BT Young Scientist
  • Big Bang Competition
  • Vex Robotics Competition
  • Nuffield Science Bursary

Year 8

Year 8 Topics

  • Introducing Science
  • Cells and living things
  • Acids and Alkalis
  • Relationships and Reproduction
  • Astronomy
  • Solutions and Separating Substances

Year 9

Year 9 Topics

  • Atoms and Elements
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Light and Sound
  • Heat and Temperature
  • Food and Digestion
  • Breathing and Respiration

Year 10

Year 10 Topics


  • Blood and Circulation
  • Nervous system and hormones
  • Cells
  • Investigating Ecology


  • Compounds, Mixtures and Reactions
  • Materials
  • Industrial Processes
  • Chemistry and the environment


  • Forces: How to launch the space shuttle
  • Magnetism
  • Medical Imaging
  • Electricity


For careers information, please refer to the Additional Subject Information sections of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Subject Areas of this website.

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